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[Time-Lapse] Butterfly Bouquet
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7th April, 2017

Today's videos: Commission - Butterfly Bouquet
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Well its my birthday today and everyone seems to forget about it ...
I will be posting the new chapter of 'In Love With A Rockstar (Rockstar!Sora x Reader) tomorrow after work.
I hope you guys enjoy this.

Love you a lot and thanks for the support :)
Hey guys.

I never really got to tell you guys how thankful I am for all the watches and favs.
I am not really confident about myself. My drawings and my fanfictions are nothing I am proud of.
Every now and then I would try to make a friend. But fail.
Lonelyness is all I have and I don't really know how else to deal with myself atm.

I lack inspiration. I do have ideas but if I start to write it down, I dislike it and never touch the subject again. through you guys I gaines a little self-confidence.

Thank you for supporting me this far.



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~Soras POV~

I stared at her. Her beautiful (e/c) eyes, her (h/c) Hair and her most beautiful smile. It was her. It was (y/n).  
I smiled brightly, before nodding to my band. Riku started to drum and Roxas joined in with the bass. A few moments later Axel started playing the guitar. When I started singing I just focused on her. (y/n). I screamed and shouted into the microphone. I saw (y/n) lip sing. ‘I am so happy she is here’, I thought to myself as I continued singing.

~Time Skip to after the concert~

~Your POV~

You smiled at Sora, as he jumped down from the stage and walked towards you and (bf/n) . (bf/n) pulled on your sleeve. “I told you he will notice you~”, she giggled and pushed you forward. “Go on. Say hi.”. You blushed lightly and felt strong arms wrapping around your being. “I missed you (y/n)…”, The brunette whispered into your ear. You rested your hands on his chest and held on to his shirt. “I..missed you, too…Sora..”

The band joined you and smiled. “Who is that, Sora?” The redhead asked smirking. “Introduce us to your mate.” Sora gave Axel a glare and then chuckled. “I’m (y/n). Nice to meet you.”, you said smiling. The blonde grinned. “I’m Roxas. Nice to meet ‘ya .” The silver haired brought his index finger to your forehead and touched it when he said “I’m Riku.” The guitarist, who was like a way taller than you, bendt down a little and smirked. “The names’ Axel. Got it memorized?” he said, tipping his index twice on the side of his head.

Your best friend introduced herself as well and hugged every band member. “Huge fan.”, you chuckled as you watched your best friend jump around Axel like a hyperactive, little bunny. “What have you been doing the last few years?”, Sora asked when he brought you and (bf/n) backstage. You told him that your parents died and that you now live alone. His gaze saddened and he grabbed your hand. Surprised, with a blush in your face, you looked at him. “You have me. I won’t leave you.”, he said softly.

You smiled. “Thanks, Sora.” Your best friend was goofing around with Roxas, making weird faces.  You laughed at Roxas’ face. He stuck his tongue out and looked like a total idiot. Sora chuckled and flopped down on the couch. The manager, Leon, came up to the band members and congratulated them to their awesome performance. They all thanked him and the gaze of the manager met yours. “What are these ladies doing here, Sora?” “They are friends, Leon. They are cool.”, Riku said and nodded. Leon sighed and looked back at the band. “Well whatever. We are staying here a while so why don’t you go out and have some fun.”

While the group got excited you snuck out on the stage. The hall was empty. Peaceful even. Imagining that the hall would filled you got a bit nervous. ‘How can he handle this..?’, you thought to yourself. You hear footsteps and turned your head. It was Axel. “Awesome, huh?”, he chuckled. You looked ahead again and sighed. “That would be too much for me.”, you said smiling. “You get used to it. I was nervous at the beginning but I am not anymore.”, the guitarist replied.

“How did he end up with you guys anyway?”, you asked, turning around to face Axel. “Well, we became friends 4 years ago. After he moved to our destrict, he became a member of our class there. Sora seemed fed up and kept writing stuff in his notebook. Riku stole it from him once and read out a few lines. Roxas, Riku and I had a band but still needed a singer. So, we asked Sora. He was stubborn at the beginning but he started to have fun singing. About a year ago we had our first gig. Leon hired us and now here we are.” A smile crossed your face. “I am happy he met you guys.”, you said and tilted your head with a sweet smile.  Axel grabbed his guitar and played a few notes. “Wanna sing a song?”, he asked grinning. “I don’t sing…” “Come on give it a try!”, the redhead smiled. “I…”, you said, staring at your feet. “I’ll just play and you join if you feel ready, ok?” You nodded when Axel started to pull some strings on his guitar. (listen to Solid Inc.-What I found (State Function Remix) )

You started singing and felt more and more comfortable with it. A smile appeared on your face and your voice became stronger. Axel waved Riku over, without you noticing and pointed him to go to the drums and join in. With a smile on his face he sat at the drums, hitting the beats. You were surprised and giggled before singing again. (bf/n) was amazed of how awesome and beautiful your voice sounded like when you were singing. Sora leaned against the doorframe and smiles. “She used to sing a lot when we were little. Her voice sounds even more amazing than it did years ago.”, the brunette said smiling.

“I think we found your female singing partner, Sora.” Leon appeared behind him watching the trio on the stage, jamming. “I’d love it when she’d joins us.”, Sora said smiling. "Ask her then" , leon said and walked off. "Gimme a call if you know her answer."


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